onsdag 19 juni 2013

Stuff from school

This was my second cast in charcoal, at some point the teachers thought I 
should trash it and start over because I was struggling too much with the drawing. 
Now it's probably my favourite. It's Beethoven's death mask. Spooky.
A mouth cast done in chalk and charcoal on toned paper.
The finished version has a smoother gradient in BG, I promise.
A horse done in charcoal on Canson Mitents paper.
I use Grumbacher charcoal and some HB Nitram. On this one
I also used a charcoal pen that allowed me to go
really dark in the BG, but in the end I didn't like the waxy look it created.
(so...no I'm not a professional photographer as you might think I am looking
at the picture quality of this)

An early stage of a cast sculptor Max Patte made for some movie,
maybe Narnia I don't know. It's really cool though.
This stage is the most critical, if you get this right the rendering
is actually quite easy.

This guy is huge.

*If you're interested in getting a strong foundation in traditional drawing (and painting), I couldn't recommend this school more. 

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