fredag 12 juni 2015

Children's book

2 illustrations from a children's book I illustrated this spring.
It's a mix of watercolour, ink, pastel crayons and coloured pencils.

fredag 14 november 2014

tisdag 11 november 2014

måndag 20 oktober 2014

Illustration used in a pitch for an animated series.
Graphite on paper, about 25x20 cm.

måndag 25 augusti 2014

tisdag 29 april 2014

More fruit

Here's another work in progress of some apples in oils using a limited palette. Plus two quick watercolours character concepts for 'Floristen & Grodan'.

torsdag 13 mars 2014


Two watercolour illustrations made for my portfolio. Still experimenting, these were made on a sheet of coldpressed paper that I stretch by wetting it and stapling it to a board. I'm going to do the next one on a hotpressed sheet and try to get smoother look/value transitions.

The first is 39x29 cm, the other 18x42.

Arm study

This is another study I did at school. It's about 80 x 30 cm and was my first large painting using oils.
Titanium White, Ivory black and Raw umber on Linen canvas no. 66 From Claessens.

tisdag 14 januari 2014


I like to paint with watercolours. These are made on a hot pressed Watercolour Block 
from Sennelier that I picked up in Prague during a trip. The outline is made with crow quill pen and ink.

torsdag 31 oktober 2013

More school work

I finally finished my big cast and I'm moving on to oil painting now! 
This one is about 100 x 60 cm, white conté chalk and charcoal on toned paper. 
It took over 2 months to complete.

After I finished the big cast I drew this cast to learn to be more efficient.
I put in about 30 hours into this one.

This is a thumbnail for a school assignment with the theme "The witch's Initiation".
I tried to do the final piece in watercolour but failed miserably.


söndag 8 september 2013

Bird 2.0

Scanned this old sketch and made a high resolution version that 
I'm going to print someday.

onsdag 31 juli 2013


I found an old school assignment when I was cleaning out our
old studio today. The theme for the assignment was "Age of aquarius".
It was my first try at inks, I used a mix of Sepia and Burnt Sienna 
from Rohrer & Klingner on Coldpressed Watercolour Block (140lb) from

fredag 21 juni 2013


I had some time to play today.


After long days drawing casts and nude people this 
is what comes out when I get home.

These were my favourite pencils at the time, its charcoal mixed
with oil so they are a bit waxy and I like the slippery
feeling on the paper.

onsdag 19 juni 2013

Stuff from school

This was my second cast in charcoal, at some point the teachers thought I 
should trash it and start over because I was struggling too much with the drawing. 
Now it's probably my favourite. It's Beethoven's death mask. Spooky.
A mouth cast done in chalk and charcoal on toned paper.
The finished version has a smoother gradient in BG, I promise.
A horse done in charcoal on Canson Mitents paper.
I use Grumbacher charcoal and some HB Nitram. On this one
I also used a charcoal pen that allowed me to go
really dark in the BG, but in the end I didn't like the waxy look it created.
( I'm not a professional photographer as you might think I am looking
at the picture quality of this)

An early stage of a cast sculptor Max Patte made for some movie,
maybe Narnia I don't know. It's really cool though.
This stage is the most critical, if you get this right the rendering
is actually quite easy.

This guy is huge.

*If you're interested in getting a strong foundation in traditional drawing (and painting), I couldn't recommend this school more.